Introducing the Darwin Platform 

An Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Platform Built for Enterprise



Designed to solve your real business challenges with an optimized set of capabilities/features required in industry.

Single Source Solution

Combining hardware and software, the Darwin Platform delivers a complete, single-source solution to you and your customers. 


Our patented optical technology gives users a truly enhanced viewing experience suitable for indoor or outdoor tasks. 

Our design effort leverages the platform’s core set of hardware capabilities, flexible architecture and years of input from partners in logistics/warehousing, public safety, manufacturing and healthcare markets. The results, we believe, is what is truly needed in our industry – a complete solution that is built to adapt to the specific needs of industry.
— Rich Ryan, CEO, Six15 Technologies

Darwin Platform Solution 

Six15's AR solution has two optimized platforms: Darwin Smart Glasses and Mentor Software Suite.


  • Efficient stand alone system
  • Designed for compatibility with IoT devices
  • Longer battery life (8+ hours) than existing products on market
  • Maximum wearability and comfort for all day use
  • Intuitive user interface


  • User & Device Management tool
  • Supports any Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Fully secure to keep your data and customers safe
  • Remotely share annotated diagrams, documents and video to users in real time
  • Third Party Application Integration

Smart Glasses Applications and Benefits

Industries are using smart glasses to increase quality, reduce rework and achieve unmatched efficiencies. 

Logistics and Warehousing

  • Workers can view hands-free task instructions and guidance with real-time inventory management tools
  • Streamline and accelerate pick and pack operations, handling demand bursts and seasonal shipments with ease
  • Boost quality control and steady improvement gains with continuous updates on operational processes


Public Safety
protect those who keep us safe.

  • Officers and first responders can utilize facial recognition and biometric data capture capabilities to increase situational awareness and effectiveness.
  • Camera provides an accurate log of activity, combining video, audio, commentary, and other data points, as seen from the eyes of the public safety officer

  • Increase officer safety in rapidly changing environments

Drives productivity and captures knowledge

  • Quickly access checklists, work manuals and reference guides for complex assembly and manufacturing
  • Consult real-time with remote experts while showing live point-of-view camera and digital AR feed
  • Gain real-time insights into critical business processes and dynamic operational environments

Boost productivity and Improve patient car

  • Professionals can document, record and share patient information while having instant access to monitoring devices and medical records
  • Remote collaboration with two-way “see-what-I-see” communication improves quality of care and speeds up treatment time
  • Uninterrupted patient care using hands-free charting improves the quality of care and treatment time

Field Service
Assists with safety, training and service

  • Remote assistance with expert help allows technicians to better understand, see and complete work orders more quickly, effectively and safely