About Six15 Technologies 

We are the world leader in customized smart glasses and wearable displays. Founded in 2012, Six15 holds a broad IP portfolio with over 20 patents in wearable optical displays, head tracking and low power electronics. Six15 is a proven market leader, delivering products that are used to power decision making, enhance problem solving, and accelerate critical action for enterprise and military customers. Today, we are changing the connected workforce with our augmented reality smart glasses for industry.


 Located in Rochester NY 

The world’s preeminent innovation hub for advanced optics, research and photonics

Broad IP Portfolio 

Library of optics, electronics, hardware and software components to solve a wide array of industry needs

World-Class Talent 

One of the most experienced engineering teams in the optics industry

Proven Design Process 

Rapid prototyping and testing processes for quick-turn solution development

Scalability Experience 

Unique manufacturing capabilities for volume and scale in our state-of-the-art facility on-site

Proven In-Market Success 

Off-the-shelf products that have provided exceptional performance in operationally intense or extreme environmental conditions