Smart Glasses Applications and Benefits

DARWIN equips the industrial worker with heads-up, hands-free checklists, guided assistance tools, remote assistance support, and the delivery of real time notifications and alerts for safer, more efficient work.  Bringing access to see-through and heads-up computing has never been easier.   

Logistics and Warehousing

  • Workers can view hands-free task instructions and guidance with real-time inventory management tools

  • Streamline and accelerate pick and pack operations, handling demand bursts and seasonal shipments with ease

  • Boost quality control and steady improvement gains with continuous updates on operational processes


Public Safety
protect those who keep us safe.

  • Officers and first responders can utilize facial recognition and biometric data capture capabilities to increase situational awareness and effectiveness.

  • Camera provides an accurate log of activity, combining video, audio, commentary, and other data points, as seen from the eyes of the public safety officer

  • Increase officer safety in rapidly changing environments

Drives productivity and captures knowledge

  • Quickly access checklists, work manuals and reference guides for complex assembly and manufacturing

  • Consult real-time with remote experts while showing live point-of-view camera and digital AR feed

  • Gain real-time insights into critical business processes and dynamic operational environments

Boost productivity and Improve patient carE

  • Professionals can document, record and share patient information while having instant access to monitoring devices and medical records

  • Remote collaboration with two-way “see-what-I-see” communication improves quality of care and speeds up treatment time

  • Uninterrupted patient care using hands-free charting improves the quality of care and treatment time

Field Service
Assists with safety, training and service

  • Remote assistance with expert help allows technicians to better understand, see and complete work orders more quickly, effectively and safely