The SimEx 585 introduces industry-leading performance in a binocular head mounted display. The integration of dual 1920×1200 OLED displays, standard HDMI video input and an integrated head tracker delivers a fully immersive simulation experience.

This performance is provided in a package weighing 295 grams, has a field of view of 40 degrees, and has a flip-up center mount compatible with standard head straps and helmets. This product addresses the needs of the growing training and simulation market by providing an alternative to traditional live preparation that resolves concerns over resource and monetary constraints.



Display Arrangement Binocular
Display Type: AMOLED
Resolution: 1920×1200 pixels
Field of View: 40 degrees
Exit Pupil Size/Shape: 7mm @ 20mm eye relief
HMD Height: 70mm
HMD Width: 142mm
HMD Depth: 53mm
Head-Borne Weight: 295 grams/10.4 ounces

IPD Adjustment: 63mm nominal, -7mm / +9mm
Gray Levels: 256 levels per primary color
Luminance: >150 cd/m2 (max)
Contrast Ratio: >1000:1
Video Input: HDMI
Power Consumption: 12V / 2600mW (max.)
Readiness: Stable image within 3 seconds
Operating Temperature Range: -31C to +55C
Storage Temperature Range: -51C to +71C