Ultra Mobile Tactical Computer

The military relies heavily on tactical communication systems to relay mission critical data. This critical data requires that communication systems be extremely reliable and durable. Although many of the current tactical computer systems are durable and deliver data efficiently, they are often bulky and weigh down the user. The added weight of equipment is a serious concern for the military today.

The lightweight design of the Ultra-Mobile Tactical Computer offers a solution to bulky, hard-to-transport tactical computer alternatives. Designed with our troops in mind, the UMTC delivers mission critical data through a reliable handheld computing solution that increases situational awareness.

Developed for high speed network compatibility (dual band 5GHz 802.11, Bluetooth 3.0+HS, and Ethernet connector for tactical radio support) including network monitoring support. Has resistive touchscreen, slide out keyboard / mouse, and high capacity battery (4-8 hr runtimes depending on usage model). Developed with commercial ‘inconspicuous’ look for covert operations.


UMTC Specifications

Size: (LxWxD) 6.3” x 3.6” x 1.4”
Hard Drive: 120GB Drop Resistant Solid State Drive
Memory: 2GB Physical RAM
Light Security: Light sensor automatically adjusts all light emitting devices
Keyboard: Full QWERTY keyboard with ergonomically integrated mouse controls
Audio In/Out: Integrated mic in and stereo out jack, plus onboard speaker
Video Out: One Type C (micro) HDMI port
Data In/Out: Two Full USB 2.0 downstream ports and one RJ-45 Ethernet port
Display: 5” AMLCD with 1024×600 native resolution
Touch-Screen: Resistive technology allows use with or without gloves
Wireless: Dual band (5GHz) 802.11n with network monitoring capabilities, and Bluetooth: 3.0+HS
Battery: 5400mAh capacity allowing minimum runtimes in excess of 4 hours
Warranty Standard: Minimum 1 year