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Six15 Is the World’s Leader in
Wearable Optical Displays


Wearable optics put information analysis front and center.

Six15 Technologies is the world leader in researching, developing and manufacturing wearable optical displays. Six15 Technologies develops both off-the-shelf and custom smart glass solutions for Fortune 500 companies and government and defense agencies.

Wearable optics power decision making, enhance problem solving, and accelerate critical action. They’re ideal for industries such as the military, logistics, medicine, and public safety.


We have more than eight years of experience developing smart glass solutions for the U.S. military – and can put our skills to work for any company seeking to optimize critical processes.


We have a flexible solution architecture process that enables us to solve tough industry challenges. We prototype, test, and deliver rapidly for our clients.


Our patented technology has resulted in the best wearable optics on the market — small, lightweight, and extremely sophisticated smart information displays. Platforms can be flexibly deployed – and integrate with all current software platforms.


We’ve delivered 200,000 head mounted displays, which are used in operations around the world. Our smart glasses stand up to the most rugged, extreme conditions around and are custom-designed for demanding daily usage.
More than 200,000 HMD’s head mounted displays have been delivered and used in active military combat




When it comes to results, all eyes are on Six15 wearable optics. Contact us today.