Increase productivity, reduce train-up times, improve safety.
Not tomorrow. Today.

Six15 is a technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures head-up displays (HUDs) for users operating in the world’s most demanding environments.
With over 20 patents and proprietary intellectual property in both software and hardware, our industry leading technology is the core to the performance, reliability, and quality of every Six15 product.

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Our Vision

We aim to add purpose and tangible value to our targeted industries. To break the roadblocks and barriers to HUD technology and augmented reality, and become THE standard of excellence for technological products and services.

This is accomplished through the unmatched degree of excellence in the design and manufacturing of our products, and through our strong dedication to delivering optimal solutions that are on-point, immediate, and efficient.

Six15 believes that access to the right technology tools can make a difference in people’s lives and the work they do. This is what fuels our team, united by the ambition to invent new technology and products that make a difference in the world.

Our Vision
Rooted in
Defense Sector

Six15’s background is deeply rooted in the defense sector. Through military training, active deployment, and working in the commercial sector, our leadership has a clear appreciation for the ability of tactically applied technology to provide crucial outcomes.

Over the past decade, we have deployed tens of thousands of solutions in Special Operations, impacting crucial outcomes on the battlefield. Because of this, our HUDs and all the technology surrounding them have been built for the industrial space with the same goal in mind: maximum product practicality.

The same degree of practical innovation and excellence that we’ve been known for in the defense sector is present in the HUDs that we’ve designed for the enterprise space.

Rooted in
Defense Sector
Pioneering Technology

Six15’s engineers are pioneers in the enterprise wearables industry. With patents ranging from near-eye optics to their integration into HUDs, our engineers boast the expertise and intellectual property crucial to our products’ performance, reliability, and quality.

Our proprietary optical technology seamlessly integrates into a company’s existing architecture, allowing for drastically reduced cost of implementation and faster onboarding to facilitate increased productivity and rapid scalability.

Founded in 2012, Six15 is headquartered in Rochester, NY. We design, develop, and assemble all our products in our facility there, building on the incredible optics legacy in upstate New York.

Pioneering Technology
What Sets Us Apart From the Others

From the front lines to the factory floor, Six15 is building more than just innovative technologies. Our purpose is to productize on-point, immediate, and efficient HUD solutions that help protect lives, enhance performance and improve safety.

We are upfront and only offer clients actionable solutions that we can deliver on, based on our commitment.
Our products and services are foolproof, outcome-driven, and focused on the results, and alleviate the burdens placed on end-users.
Our primary focus is to ensure that our HUDs get the work done and solve the daily challenges our clients face.
We strive to create trusted and enduring relationships with partners to achieve mutual goals.
We produce pioneering innovative, practical tech solutions for the industrial space with groundbreaking results.
Our History
Our proven success in the defense market enables us to expand into new enterprise verticals.
With over 20 patents and proprietary intellectual property in both software and hardware, our industry leading technology is the core to the performance, reliability, and quality of every Six15 product.
Six15 was Founded
Six15 was founded, and the Tac-Eye 2.0 Head Mounted Display (HUD) was released for use by the Special Operations Community
Full-Scale Production
Completed delivery of full-scale production volumes of both Optics 1 display modules and DRS display drivers
Released "Project Darwin"
Released "Project Darwin," a beta product positioned for enterprise, and secured a $1M development contract to evaluate industrial HUD human factors with Zebra Technologies
- 2018
TALOS Dual Glance Display
Awarded, developed, and delivered the TALOS Dual Glance Displays for USSOCOM
- 2021
Zebra HD4000
Certification and public launch of the Zebra Technologies HD4000, including an initial delivery of 2500 units
- Future
Released Six15 ST1™ Head-up Display
Launch of Six15 Branded Industrial Heads-Up-Display (HUD) Solution and advance DoD displays