Inspection & Quality Assurance

  • Simplified data in a user-friendly interface
  • Reduce employee loss and increase retention
  • Reduced train-up times by 90%
  • Increased productivity by 24%
  • A swift Return on Investment
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Innovate Your Inspection and Quality Assurance Process with Plug and Play Augmented Reality HUDs

Quality inspectors lose a significant amount of time monitoring machine parts and products by traditional checklists or schematics.
Using Six15 AR HUDs with built-in cameras, quality inspectors can leverage machine vision and AR to quickly pinpoint defects without waiting for years of learning and training to integrate a flawless process.

Everything you need in an enterprise-class HUD
  • Rugged Design
  • Comfort
  • Adaptability for Any Worker
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple to deploy
Unlock more capabilities for your workforce

In addition to all the ST1™ features, the ST1-C™ allows users to perform camera-enabled tasks:

  • Remote Assistance
  • Hands-Free Video Capture
  • Photo Documentation
Six15 ST1™ and ST1-C™ Head-Up Display
Left View
Right View

Six15 ST1™ and ST1-C™ Head-Up Display

Complement your HUDs with accessories and provide your workforce with an ideal AR experience.

Choose ST1/ST1-C accessories:

Technical Specifications

Download the ST1™ Data Sheet
  • Display
    Full Color OLED; 640 x 400 pixels
  • Field of View
    20.30 diagonal
  • Eye Box
    7.5 x 9 mm
  • Eye Relief
    18 mm
  • Brightness
    300 cd/m²
  • *Camera (ST1-C only)
    5 MP, fixed focus
  • Head Tracker
    9-axis integrated sensor
  • Audio
    Integrated microphone
  • Connectivity
    USB 2.0
  • Host Device Connectivity
    Android (5.0 and higher) and Windows 10
  • Frame
    ESS Crosshair ONE Frame (ANSI Z87.1+)
  • Weight (without cable)
    <1.06 oz./<30g
  • Sealing
    IP67 (waterproof and dustproof)
  • Drop
    6 ft/1.8m (to concrete)
  • Operating Temperature
    -40 F to 1580 F / -200 C to 700 C
Download the ST1™ Data Sheet
The key to improving efficiency in any organization is to get the right information, to the right workers, at the right time, so they can take swift and accurate actions.
Display step-by-step instructions for production assembly workers with realtime visual documentation.
Provide hands-free instructions to technicians to enable more rapid completion of error-free repairs to reduce equipment downtime.
In a warehouse, you can direct users to the right pick locations and verify their picks - improving accuracy, accelerating task times, and reducing ramp-up times.
Why implement Augmented Reality in your Quality Assurance process?

Implementing AR HUDs in your training process for new workers on the assembly line notably achieves faster onboarding times. Our solution provides increased performance for product inspection and quality assurance workers while simultaneously reducing overall costs and providing a swift return on investment.

With our HUDs, quality inspectors have access to all relevant documentation and checklists in their field of view in real-time – they have their hands free. They can move more freely, with the possibility of inspection logs being created on the spot.

Why implement Augmented Reality in your Quality Assurance process?
Avoid errors in the assembly line

Six15 AR HUDs save time and avoid errors in the assembly lines. Quality inspectors can identify component defects faster and perform intermedial checks at any time during the manufacturing process.

By identifying errors faster in the early production stages, the rate of rejected products is substantially reduced, thus eliminating scrap materials and extra rework.

Avoid errors in the assembly line
Gain a significant ROI

Implementing AR in your inspection and quality assurance process provides a swift and significant return on investment – new quality inspectors can be easily trained, more checks can be efficiently made, and valuable documentation can be instantly generated.

By displaying simple, intuitive information in the workers’ field of view, our HUDs save them valuable time while easing their cognitive loads and work pressures.

Gain a significant ROI
Lightweight, foolproof

Our HUDs have no battery or Wi-Fi transmitter attached – everything is Plug-and-Play. Ergonomics played a crucial role in the design process – it was essential to create a lightweight device that quality inspectors could wear all day, with adjustable settings for optimal viewing experience.

With a rugged design that will last for years, despite daily drops, bumps, and spills, our HUDs are foolproof to work in the most demanding environments.

Lightweight, foolproof
Your immediate benefits
HUDs guaranteed for easy, fast, and efficient deployment, regardless of the working environment.
A near-instant return on investment, with clear and tangible results visible in weeks.
Training Time
Achieve near-instant worker train-up times by simplifying tasks and enabling hands-free directed action workflows.
Increase in
Worker Productivity
Through providing real-time, eye-level contextual information and freeing up the workers’ hands.
Return On Investment
A near-instant return on investment, with clear and tangible results visible in weeks.

Six15 ST1

Mobile App Download

This app demonstrates the capabilities of the ST1™ Head-Up Display (HUD) when connected to a smartphone device.

  • Screen Mirror
  • Intent Interface
  • Warehouse Picking Demo
  • Camera Demo (on ST1-C hardware)
  • Firmware Update
  • IMU Calibration
  • Allows other HUD-enabled apps to access the ST1
Note: This app requires a physical ST1 device to use.