Light Secure Head Mounted Display

Head worn high-contrast OLED display perfect for displaying content from EO-IR imagers, visible camera systems, thermal weapon sights, and many others.

Tac-Eye 2.0

The Tac-Eye 2.0 is a head mounted display (HMD) for non-standard environments. Head-worn, hands-free, and tested to MIL-STD-810, it is an attractive alternative to direct view displays in its ability to reduce SWaP, enhance SA, and improve operational posture.

Potentially the most critical aspect, is the ability of the Tac-Eye to provide critical mission data while maintaining light discipline (no discernable light emitted or reflected from User). Typical sources include a variety of VDLs and EO-IR sensors, video inputs are automatically detected and displayed. The full color, high contrast OLED display and high quality near-eye optic provide sharp, uniform imagery.

Simple controls allow the User to quickly adjust the display to accommodate environmental conditions with little to no training. Tac-Eye 2.0 can be mounted directly to Eye Pro, Ops-Core helmet rails, and PALS-MOLLE compatible systems.

Tac-Eye 2.0
The Tac-Eye 2.0 advantage
  • Optics module does not impact ballistic integrity of protective eyewear
  • Extremely stable goggle or sunglasses mount option is comfortable for extended durations. User can remove the system without removing their helmet
  • Adjustable HMD module gives user ability to move the display out of the field of view or into a position ideal for the individual
  • 60% increase in battery life using the Tac-Eye LT over direct view screen
  • Custom cable assemblies and interfaces are available
  • Proven HMD production and delivery capability
The Tac-Eye 2.0 advantage

Product Technical Specifications:

Download the Tac-Eye 2.0™ Data Sheet
  • Display Type
    AMOLED 800 x 600 Pixels (full color, RGB)
  • Field of View
    29.5° Diagonal
  • Head-Borne Weight
    51 grams/1.81 ounces
  • Gray Levels
    Up to 256 per primary color
  • Brightness
    > 150 cd/m²
  • Contrast Ratio
    >200:1 (color), >800:1 (monochrome)
  • Display Inputs
    NTSC, RS170, PAL
  • Power Consumption
    < 1.5 W
  • Readiness
    Usable image within 3 seconds
  • Operating Temperatures
    -31°C to +49°C
  • Storage Temperatures
    -51°C to +71°C
  • Ingress Protection
    IP67 (waterproof and dustproof)
Download the Tac-Eye 2.0™ Data Sheet