Why Six15?

The Journey to Augmented Reality Begins with Six15. Drastically improve worker performance with a substantial ROI. Not tomorrow. Today.

Six15 is ready to help you overcome your enterprise’s current challenges. Easy to use, ergonomic, and quick to implement in any working environment, our augmented reality glasses have been proven to boost performance and simplify workflows in a wide range of industries, including:

Six15 provides you with all the scalability, performance, and integration needed to reach your enterprise goals at agreeable rates for unmatched results.

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Rugged, Industrial-Grade Head-Up Displays that Withstand ANY Wear and Tear

With a rugged design that will last for years, despite daily drops, bumps, and spills, our devices are foolproof, even in the most demanding environments. Treat them like any other tool without worrying about damaging them.

100% Digitally Secure Devices. Zero Data Stored

Unlike all other Augmented Reality solutions available for the enterprise space, our devices have no batteries, no Wi-Fi transmitters attached, and no processor or internal memory. No data is stored on the device itself.

Rugged, Industrial-Grade Head-Up Displays that Withstand ANY Wear and Tear
10x more scalable than any other AR solution

Our smart HUDs have been designed to provide maximum practicality. Our solution is 10x more scalable than any other AR glasses currently available. Deploy it in a matter of days and immediately start witnessing results.

Keenly priced with unmatched ROI

With unbeatable rates compared to any other AR providers currently available, our head-up-display glasses can address your enterprise needs at a military-grade level of efficacy. With agreeable rates, our solution brings an unmatched and swift ROI.

10x more scalable than any other AR solution
Plug-and-play and easy to integrate

Six15 HUDs are plug-and-play and compatible with devices running Android versions as low as 7. Devices come with read-to-use APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that seamlessly integrate within new or existing applications.

Compatible with Ivanti Velocity

Our AR smart glasses are fully compatible with the industry-standard software Velocity from Ivanti. Integrate the hardware with the Velocity platform and use it as intended. No external coding is required, with no loss of functionality.

Plug-and-play and easy to integrate
Little to no training is required

Easy to use and with minimal to no training, Six15 wearable HUDs can be used by any worker from day one without the hassle of undergoing a tedious training process. Adjustments are straightforward and intuitive in design.

Choose the best option and enhance your workflows according to specific business needs.

A Complete 5-Day Trial Period

We always make sure that our solution is only the best fit for your business and can provide the intended results. By first assessing your company’s needs, our team ensures that our HUD glasses will provide you with maximum efficiency and the results you are looking for.

Little to no training is required