ST1 Software Developer Kit

Six15 Technologies Announces ST1™ Software Developer Kit Enhancements

Improvements to Display, Sensor and System Capabilities Offer Digital Turn-Key Solutions for Business

Written by Ted Ricks, CTO of Six15 Technologies

Today, Six15 Technologies announced improvements to the ST1 Software Developer Kit (SDK) that make it easier for end users to adopt head mounted displays (HMDs). The new SDK allows developers to port their smart glass applications for use with the ST1, supports many existing Windows 10 applications, and enables companies to take advantage of turn-key remote solutions with minimum set-up effort. The Six15 ST1™ hardware remains the same, but the improvements to display, sensor and system capabilities bring a whole new set of features to customers looking for an off the shelf solution.

The improvements start with upgraded display and sensor performance to better support remote assistance and head tracking applications. The SDK enables simultaneous 30 frames per second (FPS) upstream (camera) and downstream (display) transfer between the HUD and host device. It also allows for multiple camera modes and resolutions, including digital zoom and high-resolution stills. In addition, thanks to the implementation of Quaternion data instead of raw sensor data, the SDK makes it easier to develop applications that require a head-tracker, preparing the way for improved integration with AR toolsets. Lastly, our system offers a 20% reduced power mode for static display applications, improving battery performance for those users.

The SDK improvements enable developers and OEM’s to do more out-of-the-box, streamlining smart glass adoption. If you’d like to learn more about the SDK improvements, please contact Six15 here.