HD4000 Head-Mounted Display

Meet The Head-Mounted Display Making Augmented Reality Accessible to All Mobile Workers

Zebra Technologies and Six15 develop new enterprise HUD for warehousing solution

Six15 Technologies, in partnership with Zebra Technologies, launch the Zebra HD4000 head-mounted display as part of a new warehouse solution increasing worker productivity up to 24 percent.

Developed by Six15 Technologies, the HD4000 is a game changer for the enterprise market. With warehouses already transforming their solutions to meet increased demand, Six15’s HUD technology seamlessly integrates into a company’s existing enterprise architecture, drastically reducing the cost and complexity of implementation. It will allow for rapid scalability, will provide mobile workers with clear, step-by-step instructions that reduce training time by up to 90 percent, and allow near-instant on-boarding, all while decision makers benefit from the real-time insights and analytics that enable better data-driven decisions.

The rugged, monocular HD4000 head-mounted display is an optional accessory for select Zebra mobile computers, specifically the TC5 mobile computers, TC7 mobile computers and the WT6000 wearable computer. It tethers via USB, providing all-day power and increased productivity to warehouse, manufacturing and field service workers who can benefit from hands-free, directed-action workflows.

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When Six15 and Zebra teamed up to design the HD4000, we had one goal: overcome the barriers to AR adoption in warehousing, retail and field service. We succeeded. Hear how (and why). To read full blog post and listen to more videos, visit the Zebra Edge Blog here.